San PietroLAB

The animals derivatives

The cruel images of animals sacrified for the humankind have to be ascribed to other industries, first of all to the food industry not to the cosmetic industry, which has deleted animals derivatives, replacing them with similar of synthesis.

Concerning the protein derivatives, it deals with animals actives derived from discarded parts of food industry. Cosmetic industry, on the other hand, by using dicarded parts of others, contributes to reduce the problem of their disposal.

A note must be dedicated to the biotechnological processes, which have nowadays made possible the achievement of safe, controlled and effective ingredients.

A cosmetic is “natural” when it is safe, it must not cause health issue, not only in “normal conditions of use”, but also in those “reasonably predictable”; when its cosmetology action takes place with respect to physiological processes of the organism on which it is applied;

when it is produced and packed according to “Good Manifacturing Practice” , according to an European directive; when the name and the address of the producer is clear and trackable; when the package respects the law in order to safeguard the consumer; when the cosmetic actions coincide with the real consumer’s confirmation.

Natural means also to lead a balanced life, both physical and psychic. By following our own ideologies, without going beyond, listening our bodies and our minds (which constantly speak to us), throughout the skin, to communicate us their own requirements and sufferings.

The natural must be safe, physiological, functional, with respect of us and of the environment.

San PietroLAB chooses, in its labor, ingredients, standards, techniques in order to: hold by the natural biological balances, to offer a considerable help to the workers of the dermocosmetic industries, by the care and the decoration of the skin.