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The Skin

The Skin is the suface of our body, visible and tangible shell which reaches the peak of its relevance with the formation and the evolution of the single person, and with the development of his own identity.

The Skin, especially throughout the touch, represents the first organ of interaction by which the child can start to build his own personality up, and his way to interact with others, but also with the environment.

The Skin has a general and protective function: it softens and rejects external aggressions, both physical and organic. It is also an essential means of communication, which warns us when we are in danger (too much warmth, or too much cold), in the case we are contracting an illness, or we are leading an irregular life (pimples, stains, wrinkles, complexion…). It transmits our emotional states to others: shyness, awkwardness (blushes), fear, dread (coldness, paleness, sweat…) anger, hatred (strained skin, increase of the temperature), love, passion. The Skin is an erogenous zone; his sensibility is not restrict to tactile stirrings, indeed the physical contact can also give off intense physical emotions, both positive and negative.

Throughout the Skin we build up and mantain our relationships. The beauty has importance. The beautiful people, independently from their sexes, are more courted, more valued, take more attention. But the beauty is not turned out only by a perfect visage and body. It is beautiful something that is also healthy, that transmits strenght and wellness, liveliness and fondness, which is pleasing to the touch, to pamper and to smell. A Skin in good health is beauty.

Skin care is also care of mind and heart.

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