San PietroLAB

Passion, Experience, Professionalism Natural ingredients for safe, effective and of high quality products.

San PietroLAB is a cosmetic laboratory situated in Diano San Pietro, a solar village near Diano Marina (Liguria), Italy, famous seaside city renowned for his astonishing ” Gulf of oranges” .

The long-therm experience of the team is able to realize and offer you specifical and professional products for skin care and personal wellness. The philosophy beneath San PietroLAB’s business is based on the concepts of beauty ad health, result of the eastern and the western cultures, where the balance of body and mind merges with the modern scientific research.

San PietroLAB through the use and the knowledge of the essentials oils, the aromatherapy, the techniques of massage therapy, has developed its own methodology, which puts at the center the single person with his morphological features, where the treatments (products and manual) are costumized from patient to patient.

Every imperfection is treated in a specific and unique way, because any person is unique